Transformation, digitalization and sustainability - with Yara Molthan from Spryker

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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Sustainable growth or "green growing" is not only an important strategy among companies, entrepreneurs and online retailers, but is now also supported and implemented across all industries by big brands such as Apple, Nike and IKEA. Organic and sustainable growth is promoted primarily through green initiatives by brands, such as more environmentally friendly shipping or the acquisition of photovoltaic systems. However, "green growing" is now also playing a leading role in digitalization. Yara Molthan, Head of Value Engineering and Business Consulting at the e-commerce platform Spryker, is also aware of this: "We are seeing a fundamental change in consumer behavior among customers, as the sustainability trend has now become an established factor." This is precisely where Spryker picks up customers and helps them to strategically position themselves and their online store. "What also motivates me is that we can help shape the digital transformation of our customers," Yara tells our podcast hosts Saravanan Sundaram and Nadja Müller in the new episode of "Thanks for Shopping".

Yara Molthan began her professional career at Coca-Cola's logistics center, where she was able to gain early insights into increasing efficiency, for example through more sustainable tour planning by the giant corporation. The subsequent stay abroad in China was particularly formative, where Yara worked for digital start-ups as well as for a Chinese online supermarket chain, as she tells us: "I was particularly impressed by the rapid culture of change in China. It was very formative because I saw, followed and helped to develop processes that are based on regular change, further development and process optimization. I believe that this know-how in particular was extremely helpful to me in Germany."

With Spryker, Yara offers customers an all-in-one commerce solution for complex online store processes. The aim is to support companies in the operational sector, optimize business models and rely even more on digital and sustainable transformation processes. In the new episode of "Thanks for Shopping", Yara explains to our podcast hosts Saravanan Sundaram and Nadja Müller how exactly this works, how sustainability can be implemented, especially in the context of digitalization, and to what extent the topic of consolidation will become increasingly important for the German market.