Our mission.

Our claim

We live
the Zeitgeist

Our tax consultants know the Zeitgeist of online retail. We have the know-how to react to industry-specific market developments in an agile manner and at the same time offer you and your store the best possible advice.

When dealing with mass data, fynax provides you with trustworthy handling of all critical tax reporting obligations thanks to data-based expert knowledge - whether in national or international traffic of goods. We minimize your workload and take any tax law hurdles for you - confidently and responsibly.

Our vision


We are digital thought leaders for online retailers and provide our clients with sustainable support for a successful and worry-free future.

We focus on expertise and quality and guarantee seamless and digital advice across national borders. As part of the ETL Group, fynax draws on the international ETL network with 1,320 locations worldwide and guarantees industry-specific full-service support from specialized ETL law firms throughout Europe.

The industry has been waiting for this digital flow - fynax.