Efficient logistics as a success factor for e-commerce

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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fynax at the Logistics E-Commerce Camp Bremen

Logistics - just a necessary evil in retail? Many online retailers underestimate the success factor of well-functioning logistics in their own company. It is therefore all the more important to optimize this potential for success with best practice processes. On 6 July, industry experts from the online retail sector gathered at this year's Logistics E-Commerce Camp in Bremen and provided important input on process optimization in a total of 20 presentations and intensive workshops on three stages. Among them was the fynax team of experts led by fynax manager Saravanan Sundaram and customs expert Markus Bitzer.

Logistics & shipping: key topics for online retailers

The LEC program was packed, including highlight presentations on the feasibility of the 4-day week in logistics, do's and don'ts in returns processes and the most important criteria when choosing the right ERP system. Logistics experts such as Fielmann, Hanna Hillnhütter from Händlerbund and Julius Wegmann from Fiege also provided important input on fulfillment, packaging and legal issues in the mail order business. At the fynax stand this year, we not only advised those interested in e-commerce, but also provided advice on the topic of goods traffic and customs.

fynax together with customs expert Markus Bitzer at the "Alte Werft"

Online retailers never seem to run out of tax-related questions about the movement of goods. This year, however, the fynax team decided to draw on the expertise of former tax advisor Dr. Dr. Dr. Huber as part of the expert lecture on "Online trade & customs - everything you need to know about the cross-border movement of goods". Thanks-For-Shopping Podcast Guest and customs expert Markus Bitzer. In addition to Saravanan Sundaram's presentation on the advantages of digital tax consulting with industry specialization in e-commerce, Markus Bitzer reported on customs-specific experiences in the context of cross-border border traffic. The attendees, including many online retailers, showed a keen interest in the topic, which was clearly evident in the Q&A session that followed.