"We don't make promotional items. We make brands successful. We sell messages." - Danilo Schmidt from Brandible

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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Correct branding is crucial for the success of your brand as an online retailer. Especially with the change in the communication culture of companies to the outside world, There is a major trend towards value-oriented branding with "purpose". Danilo Schmidt from Brandible, who has not only made it his mission to make his customers' brands more successful, but also attaches great importance to providing sustainable advice to his retailers, knows this too. Brandible is a combination of the words "brand and visible". Danilo explains the philosophy behind Brandible to our podcast hosts Nadja Müller and Saravanan Sundaram in the latest episode of Thanks for Shopping as follows: "Make your brand visible. We make brands visible and successful".

Danilo was born in St. Petersburg, came to Dresden at a young age and sold Dresden Christmas stollen to tourists as a student. After several stints at universities abroad, Danilo returned to Dresden and in 2007 came up with the idea of selling his Dresden Stollen as personalized gifts via his own online store. Brandible was founded 16 years ago and the Dresden-based online company now offers around 150,000 promotional items in its store.

In this episode, Danilo tells us about Brandible's industry-experienced customer service, its approach to marketing strategies and the professional and strategic advice it provides to over 50,000 customers across Europe. Brandible focuses on the positioning and visibility of brands, but in today's episode of "Thanks for Shopping", you can find out how exactly they manage to make brands even more successful and why promotional products are more than just gadgets.