Reaching your goal with a successful sourcing strategy - with Sebastian Herz from Zignify

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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Have you ever wondered how best to bring a product to market? Often a good idea alone is not enough, the implementation requires a certain amount of know-how. Sebastian Herz from Zignify picks you up right here, because his sourcing company is responsible, among other things, for finding suitable manufacturers for sellers. The principle behind Zignify's sourcing strategy is as simple as it is ingenious - manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world are compared with the help of a global network in order to ultimately offer the best quality and the best purchase price on the market. In the latest episode of Thanks for Shopping, Sebastian tells our podcast hosts Nadja Müller and Saravanan Sundaram why he is also known among e-commerce experts as "The Connector" and how exactly the principle of his sourcing strategy works.

Sebastian has a degree in electrical engineering and has worked in industrial automation for a total of 12 years. The founder of the sourcing company Zignify gained his international experience in the United States, China and Singapore, among other places. Commenting on the Zignify concept, Sebastian says: "The real money is made in purchasing". In the latest episode of Thanks for Shopping, he explains what he means by this and what exactly is behind it.

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