Developing big players: Branded turns a business idea into a global brand

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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What is important when founding a company? Alex Lardugin, Director of Acquisitions at Branded, has a clear opinion on this, which he explains to fynax heads Saravanan Sundaram and Nadja Müller in the latest episode of the fynax podcast "Thanks for Shopping!": "The most important thing for us is the passion of the founder. The brands that we consider good always have very good founders with a dream and a philosophy behind them."

Alex Lardugin must know, because the success of Branded proves him right. Behind the name is a global platform that specializes in the growth of e-commerce brands. "Our aim is to acquire digital brands and develop them into major players in the market," says Lardugin in an interview. Promising e-commerce players are supported by Branded in expanding into promising markets worldwide and optimizing their operational processes.

A business model that is also benefiting from the coronavirus-related developments in e-commerce. After all, the pandemic is causing more and more small companies to look for new ways and ideas to increase their sales in the competitive and fragmented online business. "Good ideas," says Lardugin, "are everywhere. What is often missing are resources, operational know-how and perseverance."

Branded provides this support with a lot of manpower, the dimensions of which demonstrate the company's success. The company has headquarters in Paris and New York and has had a branch in Berlin since 2020. Today, Branded has over 300 employees, around a third of whom are "exclusively responsible for product development". At Branded, everything is geared towards mutual success. The company selects its partner brands accordingly. "The most important thing for us is passionate founders with heart and soul. That makes the work really fun," says Lardugin.

In the latest episode of "Thanks for Shopping!", Alex Lardugin, Director of Aquisitions at Branded, explains which indicators are becoming important for sales and expansion, how Branded is campaigning for more female founders in e-commerce and to what extent offline business remains relevant. It's worth listening in on all popular podcast platforms!

Here listen to the whole episode.

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