Achieving freedom & financial independence - with Robin Krah from NORDMUT

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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Moving people and leaving an impression - with this vision, Robin Krah founded NORDMUT in January 2021 and is just getting off to a flying start. In this episode of "Thanks For Shopping", our podcast hosts Nadja Müller and Saravanan Sundaram take a look behind the scenes of NORDMUT together with Robin. And it's not just about cash flow, supply chains and logistics, but also about authenticity, courage and gut feeling.

NORDMUT is intended to provide inspiration, move people and connect them through shared experiences. Robin felt the desire for his own business and financial independence on his travels. In this episode, Robin talks in detail about his journey to founding and developing his store and his future business plans. He also talks about how he found financial independence and true freedom. An inspiring episode for all founders and those who want to become one.

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