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Trend study on EU VAT reform in online retail

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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With the second stage of the digital VAT package, the European Union has significantly transformed the VAT regulations for online retail in 2021: The OSS procedure or distance selling are just some of the applicable framework conditions. But let's be honest: how deep is the tax pain?

The reform is not intended to eliminate intra-European tax revenues in online retail; traders will no longer have to register in each individual EU country, but taxation will be bundled. Ultimately, the EU tax authorities should also be able to work together more efficiently. The European VAT system should therefore be in line with the digital age. But is this really the case?

Just like last year, we would like to find out how the transition to the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) went for you as an online retailer:

  • How did the technical changeover take place?
  • Has this resulted in additional bureaucratic and administrative work or does the procedure simplify tax payments in other EU countries?
  • Have you received payment reminders from other EU member states?
  • How well do you think communication between the member states is going?
  • Have you ever been blocked for the OSS procedure?

Tell us about your experiences!