Tokens, mining & the sea - Felix1 roundtable & fynax bootcampus in Warnemünde

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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From the taxation of cryptocurrency, NFTs and changes in financial administration to data protection in e-commerce - we look back on two exciting days with valuable contributions and great guests on cutting-edge topics at the Felix1 roundtable in Warnemünde at the end of August.

In recent years, hardly any other area has experienced such rapid growth as cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Lawyer Dr. Benedikt Krüger made an exciting introduction to the topic with the decision of the Federal Fiscal Court (BFH) of 14 February 2023 on the tax classification of cryptocurrencies. Together with lawyer and tax consultant Dietrich Loll, Head of ETL SteuerRecht Berlin, he had accompanied the proceedings and gave the heads of law firms an overview of the BFH's reasons for the decision.

NFTs - short for non-fungible tokens - are also becoming increasingly important. No wonder - as a digital form of asset, they offer transparency regarding origin, quality and security and also provide verifiable evidence, as crypto expert and tax consultant Evelyn Klieber explains. But how are donated tokens taxed and crypto transactions actually properly prepared for tax purposes? Klieber and Werner Hoffmann, founder and Managing Director of Pekuna, addressed these and other questions in their presentations. His company provides clarity on the taxation of cryptocurrencies, such as the analysis of blockchain transaction data.

From the new wave of digitization in tax administration to the highlights of the BP reform, Daniel Denker, a graduate tax consultant, rounded off the first day.

Growth through acquisitions - new roll-up models in e-commerce

Professional input from the world of e-commerce was provided at the start of the second day by fynax head Saravanan Sundaram. He gave the heads of law firms an overview of the sales forecast and upcoming trends in online retail.

Benno Sader, Business Development Manager at unybrands, explained what the future holds for e-commerce aggregators and how the market will develop in 2024. Unybrands is an e-commerce platform that aims to acquire successful Fulfillment by Amazon and direct-to-consumer sellers who have the desire to expand.

Once again this year, the focus was on sharing experiences and successful law firm management. Following on from the fynax community concept, this year's Felix1 Roundtable drew on the knowledge of the ETL Group: ETL lawyers Dr. Diana Taubert, Dr. Uwe P. Schlegel and Rainer Robbel provided valuable insights on topics such as data protection or trademark and employment law, thus offering law firm managers new and adaptive perspectives.