Thinking digital infrastructures together

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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eco ensures efficient infrastructures and technologies - Alexander Rabe at "Thanks for Shopping"

Booking your next vacation, buying movie tickets or ordering dinner on the go - the Internet has become an integral part of our everyday lives. This wasn't always the case, says Alexander Rabe, Managing Director of the eco Association, with a grin in the latest episode of our fynax podcast "Thanks for Shopping". "Before the internet became 'mainstream', nobody really knew where the journey would take us and whether the internet would disappear again."

Last November, Alexander Rabe met with representatives and experts from the most important digital associations in Germany. as a speaker at our e-commerce panel discussion. This time, fynax directors Nadja Müller and Saravanan Sundaram talk to him about the history of the association, its work and upcoming trends in the digital economy.

Looking back, topics such as the internet and digitalization should be brought into the focus of society, explains Rabe. Today, after 26 years and with more than 1,100 member companies, eco is the largest association of the Internet industry in Europe and is actively involved in legislative processes.

Customers must have confidence in the technology. Digital infrastructures are the basis for exploiting new technologies and using them at the same time. E-commerce is also a digital ecosystem that needs to be thought about together, explains Rabe - both at national and European level: there is currently a patchwork of 27 different framework conditions in which retailers are hoping for market strength but at the same time have to compete with the large providers, says Rabe.

The Managing Director is therefore calling for a single digital market in Europe. Managing Director Alexander Rabe explains what such a single market for Europe could look like in the current episode of "Thanks for Shopping!"

It's worth listening in, on all the usual podcast platforms!

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