The future of social media marketing: trends for 2024

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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When it comes to making search queries online, Google is still the most popular search engine: according to a survey by the Promo Masters portal, the company is in first place with just under 90 percent in first place. However, product searches or general search queries are no longer only carried out on portals such as Google, Bing or Ecosia; young people, i.e. Gen Z, are increasingly using the video platform TikTok for their research. This development is both exciting and relevant, especially in social media marketing.

In 2024, we can expect a mixture of technological innovations and changes in user behavior: Text-based posts are experiencing a revival, with platforms such as Mastodon and Meta's Threads app. At the same time, longer videos on Instagram and TikTok are becoming more popular again. We have filtered out and summarized these and other important trends for this year for you.

1. the power of text contributions returns

Once frowned upon, appreciated again in 2024: Text posts are becoming increasingly popular, not least due to the increase in the number of users on Mastodon and Meta's Threads app.

2. google's new competition?

Although Google still enjoys its monopoly position among search engines, it is confronted with the fact that more and more Gen Z users are making their search queries via social media channels such as TikTok. TikTok now even integrates Google search results into the app. Users feel that the information and advice they receive there is more authentic.

3. long videos!

2024 will see an increase in longer video posts. The maximum video length has been extended to up to five minutes on both Instagram and TikTok in order to provide users with more extensive information.

4. DMs & personal interaction

Direct messages on social platforms are also becoming increasingly popular. Public feeds are too dominated by commercial content, which is why more and more consumers are looking for a direct route to providers.

5 Sharing and user engagement

The focus of many online providers is now on the amount of shared content. Shared posts have a better chance of attracting attention and being included in the algorithm. This is why social media posts should also present content that encourages sharing. Emotional content or posts with a message are much more likely to receive traffic from likes and comments than purely informative posts. However, the success of the entertainment factor in posts still remains and should definitely be taken into account in order to achieve high sharing and like figures.

6. telegram plays at the top

Telegram now also has over 800 million active users and has the potential to develop into a comprehensive platform for communication and social interaction. It's time to familiarize yourself with the app's functions and look for ways to use them for yourself.

7. fediverse & decentralized social networks

New social networks such as Mastodon or Bluesky focus on privacy, independence and community. However, personal content can also attract attention and traffic with these applications.

8. photo series on Instagram and TikTok

Posting several photos in a coherent series is making a comeback! Photo series appear more authentic than individual photos or videos. Products can be better presented in this way. This enables online retailers to tell their story better.

9 TikTok USA: Development of the platform into an e-shop

What is already a reality in the United States could soon be coming to Europe. TikTok can already be used there as a shopping app: Users can order and pay for products directly via the app. In particular, review videos from other TikTokers ensure authenticity and create a better basis of trust for interested parties.

10. increased focus on SEO

Search engine optimized content is also becoming increasingly important in social media. It improves the visibility of your posts and helps to increase overall engagement in posts.

11. subtitles in video contributions

The use of subtitles increases accessibility and barrier-free understanding for a wider audience.


Current social media trends point to a dynamic and multi-layered development of the digital landscape in 2024. The widespread integration of AI tools in content creation and customer support is also playing its part. It is clear that users of social media channels not only want to be informed, but also entertained. Infotainment is and remains the medium of choice for many providers.

However, part of the recipe for success is also to initiate innovative content and engagement processes in order to increase traffic to posts. In this context, strategically well-placed keywords are becoming increasingly important in order to generate search engine-optimized content.

In the long term, social media platforms are increasingly transforming into direct sales channels for brands and companies. It is therefore also important for online retailers to integrate their products into these channels and look for creative ways to market them in an optimized way.