Resilience in online retail: how future-proof is the industry?

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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The ability to adapt quickly to change and overcome challenges is essential in e-commerce. The retail industry is constantly changing and it is important that companies remain flexible and can adapt quickly to new circumstances. This includes technology, customer loyalty, but also the right logistics. So hand on heart: how future-proof are you? Is your business affected by the shortage of skilled workers and what role do technologies such as artificial intelligence play for your business?

In this year's fynax trend study, we want to know how you have dealt with past crises and how resilience works in online retail! Please take the time to tell us about your experiences. The survey is of course anonymous and will take just three minutes!

Participation is possible in the period from 18.09.2023 to 03.11.2023.

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