Kristine Zeller from Ooia in the fynax podcast "Thanks for Shopping"

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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ooia is much more than a company that makes beautiful period underwear, explains co-founder Kristine Zeller to our podcast hosts Saravanan Sundaram and Nadja Müller at the start of the new episode of "Thanks for Shopping".

In addition to female-centric products, Kristine and her colleague Kati Ernst are particularly interested in female empowerment and gender equality. Founders Kathi and Kristine have been pioneering this business model in e-commerce since 2017. By developing innovative products such as period underwear and nursing bras, ooia is also working to break the taboos surrounding feminine hygiene. Because female centric products means understanding customers so well that you can anticipate their wishes before they even express them!

In the latest episode of "Thanks for Shopping!", you can find out how important their community is to the founders, how important product and brand development are at the same time and what Kathi and Kristine are planning for the future.

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