Boosting growth for e-commerce companies - with Lukas Kintzel from WhiteLion

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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Facebook, Instagram, TikTok - more and more e-commerce companies are expanding their social media presence on the relevant channels in order to increase their reach and visibility. Social ads have become indispensable, especially in the area of marketing. This is precisely where Lukas Kintzel, co-founder of the WhiteLion Agency, and his team focus on advising e-commerce companies and increasing their growth. In the first episode of the third season of Thanks for Shopping, Lukas explains to our podcast hosts Nadja Müller and Saravanan Sundaram how WhiteLion offers a holistic all-in-one solution, represents the interface between consulting and implementation and what major challenges the WhiteLion Agency is currently facing.

Before his current position as co-founder of the social ads agency WhiteLion, Lukas Kintzel was primarily known as a successful e-sports player in Germany. He made the switch to the world of e-commerce as a teenager via his first Shopify merchandise store, through which he sold branded underwear. "I needed a new game! That was my drive, I needed a new challenge and a new game with higher potential," explains the former e-sports player.

WhiteLion offers e-commerce companies a holistic all-in-one solution, combines consulting and implementation and supports companies in their growth with social ads. For Lukas, the personal consulting of over 300 supported brands is the main component of his hybrid success strategy. In the new episode of Thanks for Shopping, he talks about the agency's business model and its planned expansion.

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