How to get the most out of your tax return

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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International tax legislation, legal certainty or payment methods - there are a variety of regulations in e-commerce that can be unsettling. In the new video interview with fynax partner Händlerbund and Händlerbund editor Christoph Pech, our heads Nadja Müller and Saravan Sundaram give tips on the challenges that entrepreneurs have to overcome and take a look at the biggest pitfalls to watch out for from a tax perspective.

Tax consultant Nadja Müller explains the five worst tax mistakes you can make as an online retailer. One of them is not registering for tax purposes as soon as you start your business. Just like lawyers, tax advisors also love deadlines: always meet them! Another faux pas is not keeping invoices, vouchers or receipts. This is important to ensure the documentation and traceability of your company's completed business transactions. You should also never ignore letters from the tax office or leave them unopened. If there is any ignorance or uncertainty, you should always seek help from a tax advisor - otherwise ignorance can cost you a lot of money.

Do you also want to know what you need to consider in terms of tax law as a retailer in order to sell to other EU countries? Then take a look at our new video interview!

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