FIEGE NOW does it actually work? Julius Wegmann provides exciting insights into logistics and fulfillment

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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Today's "Thanks for Shopping" guest is a real FIEGE kid. Julius Wegmann started as a student trainee at the large logistics company over ten years ago and is now a co-developer and Head of FIEGE NOW.

FIEGE NOW is the company's new B2C fulfillment service which, unlike FIEGE, is aimed in particular at start-ups and SMEs and helps them get started in e-commerce. The FIEGE NOW service is, so to speak, a standardized product of the parent company's concentrated wealth of knowledge and experience.
In the current In the second episode of "Thanks for Shopping", you can find out the whole story from the idea to the finished product to the first customer and gain exciting insights into the world of logistics, future expansion plans and why more does not always mean better (at least when it comes to locations) - even our hosts Nadja and Saravanan are amazed.

Are you interested? Great! Listen to the new Follow along and maybe even find your new dream job in the end.

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