Top news, trends and breakthroughs in the world of digital commerce

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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In the vibrant world of online retail, constant change and rapid developments are the order of the day. There are new trends, technological innovations and new tools that can shape and change the way we shop online on an almost daily basis. If you miss the boat here, you could miss out on the next big innovation or the consumer trend that will define the market in the future: From new technologies to changing customer needs, the e-commerce industry is a mirror of our digitalized society. We therefore delve into the depths of this multifaceted market for you, filtering the flood of information and presenting you with the essentials.

In 2024, we have made it our mission to bring you relevant news, groundbreaking developments and emerging trends that you can use to sharpen your strategies or simply expand your knowledge. With our all-round view of online retail, you will not only stay informed, but also inspired to stay one step ahead in the connected world of e-commerce. Stay up to date, because an informed click can make all the difference!


As part of the European Union's digital strategy, the European Parliament, in cooperation with the EU member states, agreed on December 9, 2023 on the so-called "AI-Act" agreed: The world's first AI law is intended to contribute to stricter regulation of artificial intelligence and thus better protect the safety and rights of citizens. It still needs to be formally adopted by Parliament and the Council before it is finally ratified and becomes EU law.

Payback Pay

Something has also happened in Germany in the area of mobile payment transactions: Payback Pay has now been integrated into the DM app, making the payment process even more convenient for customers of the drugstore.

Consumption & sustainability

Despite changing consumer behavior and growing environmental awareness, unpackaged shopping remains largely unpopular with Germans. According to of a Yougov survey only 22 percent of consumers have ever shopped without packaging, while only five percent of respondents said they regularly buy unpackaged goods.

Drone delivery is here!

The mail-order business is given a futuristic touch by the Bundesliga club Darmstadt 98, which is now starting, Fan merchandise via drone delivery service "DeliveryMichel" for shipping. This could already be a foretaste of future delivery methods from various providers.

Whistleblower Protection Act

Meanwhile, the German Federation of Consumer Organizations is complaining that large internet platforms are not complying with the new Digital Services Act, which means that consumers' rights are still not sufficiently protected. At the same time, the Whistleblower Protection Act The aim is to make internal reporting offices mandatory in small and medium-sized companies in order to better protect whistleblowers.

Costly returns

A recent study by the Retail Institute has shown that returns are still an expensive affair for companies, costing on average between five and ten euros per returned item. This underlines the need for efficient and sustainable logistics solutions.

Growing competition in e-commerce

Chinese platforms such as Alibaba, Shein, Temu and Wish are already firmly established on the European market. Now the next social media giant, TikTok, wants to enter the market with its own online market. The signs of a planned introduction still are intensifying this year.

Caution is advised with Temu

The consumer advice center warns customers not to buy from the Chinese online store Temu. The reason for this is the consequences of damaged or defective goods. In this case, product liability does not apply to the online giant. As the goods come from outside Europe, importers are liable for any defects and, in the case of Temu, these would be the private customers themselves.

The e-commerce industry is in crisis

Retail experts predict a difficult year for online retailers. Inflation is also leaving its mark on German online retail: a Survey by the digital consultancy "Etribes" among 614 consumers that price remains the most important criterion, while at the same time delivery time has slipped down the rankings as a factor. Customers are now prepared to wait significantly longer, provided they receive a significantly lower price in return. This in turn gives Chinese platforms such as Temu or Shein a boost, as these factors play right into their business models.

Community building with Galaxus

Digitec Galaxus allows customers to correct or enter incorrect or incomplete product data themselves.


In 2023, the special public prosecutor's office recorded around 18,000 Cybercrime cases an increase of almost 3,000 cases compared to the previous year. Investments in cybersecurity therefore remain the be-all and end-all for online retailers.