Click-to-pay in Germany: a new chapter for online retail?

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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PayPal, Apple and Google Pay or credit card or direct debit? A diverse selection of payment options in your online store guarantees a better customer experience and increases consumer loyalty to your store. Nevertheless, for first-time visitors, the tedious process of entering their credit card details or integrating their usual means of payment can be an annoying and unnecessary obstacle in the checkout process. The Click to Pay (C2P) payment method promises to remedy this and simplify the purchasing process for your customers while increasing their security. We have taken a look at how this works and the advantages and disadvantages of this payment method.

Click to Pay: What's so special?

The C2P payment method enables customers to pay online with just one click - without having to re-enter their card information. This is made possible by the one-time storage of payment information in the C2P e-wallet: once created, users can then always use the payment method without having to transmit their card information separately. This is because the transmission of the card data is encrypted and therefore cannot be viewed by the respective online store. This should help to simplify the online payment process and at the same time increase the security of your customers with regard to the storage of sensitive data, such as credit card information.

The advantages of C2P

And that brings us directly to the advantages of the payment method: it is faster and more convenient, as card details do not have to be re-entered each time you make a purchase in different online stores. This speeds up the checkout process for users considerably and therefore helps to increase your conversion rate and reduce abandoned purchases. At the same time, the encrypted transmission of card information offers increased security for your customers and thus also improved customer satisfaction. In the event of data theft from online merchants, customers would be protected - simply because there is no credit card data that could be stolen.

C2P also offers other functions that positively influence your customers' shopping experience: For example, it is also possible to save multiple delivery and billing addresses in the e-wallet and not redefine them for each purchase.

Click to Pay: The future of online payment?

C2P pursues a promising mission - Volker Koppe (Head of Strategic Initiatives for Central Europe) explainsthat they want to make the browser-based solution the standard for card payments on the Internet. However, there are also many challenges for the payment method: can C2P hold its own against PayPal and prevail? How well known is it and how many stores already offer the payment method? What is certain is that C2P must increase its level of awareness in order to compete with big players such as PayPal to be able to keep up. Nevertheless, the concept of a convenient and secure payment method is promising and well suited to increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction. It remains to be seen whether and to what extent C2P can establish itself among online retailers and users.


C2P is a promising payment method that aims to simplify the online payment process and increase user security. As is so often the case, implementation in your online store depends on various factors, such as the target group, the product range and your technical infrastructure. However, the all-in-one payment method is definitely worth considering.