AMZ Manager supports sales on Amazon - with Kilian Sell

Fatih-Kağan Taşkoparan

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"I thought I had to bring something cool to the market. And then I realized, I'll just serve the demand on Amazon!", Kilian Sell from AMZ Manager tells our podcast hosts Saravanan Sundaram and Nadja Müller in the new episode of Thanks for Shopping. Kilian knows that it is not necessary to sell the next-best-thing on Amazon in order to be successful on the platform, but there is a previously underestimated demand, especially when it comes to advising online retailers and creating sales strategies and advertising campaigns. It is precisely this gap that Kilian Sell and his pay-per-click agency AMZ Manager are closing with their all-round consulting and with the help of customized advertising and strategy campaigns for online retailers. In addition to the successful marketing of online stores, the main focus is also on the rapid resolution of problems for Amazon merchants.

After a student job at DPD and warehouses full of Amazon parcels, Kilian recognized the potential of online retail early on. As a former online retailer, he then started his e-commerce career selling key rings on Amazon, but when he founded his GmbH in 2017, his retailer account was forcibly blocked. Kilian says: "Looking back, the suspension was one of the best things that happened." In the new episode of Thanks for Shopping, Kilian tells us why this is the case, why Kilian, as a former seller, has special access to Amazon merchants and what a so-called trouble-shooting network is.